«The Tales of Golden Apples» is a five-year public art program in Almetyevsk, Tatarstan. It has been started in 2017. The project is initiated by Tatneft enterprise in collaboration with Street Art Research Institute.

During the preparation stage of the program, an expert research council was convened to discuss the history, culture and traditions of Tatarstan. Also, the field research was conducted: visits to museums, repositories, libraries, a few villages in Almetyevsk area and oil reservoirs. The curators of the project invited folklorists and anthropologists from Moscow, St.Petersburg and Kazan to collect local stories from residents of Almetyevsk and the area.

«The Tales of Golden Apples» represents an epos about the history of the oil region and its inhabitants, transferred to the wall and connected by a common route. All the stories that the artists illustrate were collected in Almetyevsk district or are fragments of the common cultural and historical heritage of Tatarstan.

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