Albina Motor

Curator, producer, driver of urban programmes

Philology, Urban studies

— “I consider as the most appropriate investment of my time and energy the projects connected to art, culture, and education. I try to turn ugly urban territories into cities full of life.


    Polina Yozh

    Exibition programmes curator, art manager, publicist



      Mikhail Astakhov

      Development in all forms - personal, social, business


      — “Becase it develops culture and unites people and meanings in time and space”


        Project Coordinator


        Polina Klimovitskaya

        Sociologist of art, art manager

        Sociology and social informatics, curatorial studies

        — “I like my work for its diversity. We organize exhibitions, festivals, and educational events and I never feel bored. And besides, I am inspired by people I work with. They have so much catching energy and so many new ideas!”


          Ksenia Vosnesenskaya

          Expert in urban studies

          Urban planning and development

          — “People and ideas. An element of surprise in each new task and goal. Combination of urban studies and art. I like that in my work I can communicate and coooperate with people of totally different professions and views.”


            Executive Producer of the “Tales of Golden Apples” public art programme in Almetyevsk


            Ksenia Piskunova

            Producer, manager of big projects

            International humanitarian relations


              Publishing Sector Coordinator, Coordinator of the Elabuga and Klimov projects


              Ksenia Zinder


              Oriental culturology and philosophy, anthropology


                Designer / Photographer, Videographer


                Ilya Davydov

                Designer, photographer, videographer, cartographer


                — “I like my work in the Institute because it allows the open form of problem posing, the possibility of experimental methods, the unpredictability of results, and the possibility of real-time corrections according to received feedback (partial correction without the full development of an algorithm from the beginning)”




                  Dmitry Pilikin

                  Historian of art, art critic, curator of art projects, artist



                    Educational Programme Curator


                    Maria Udovydchenko

                    Researcher, curator, archivist


                    — “I like the field of art I work with in the Institute. Graffiti and the street art combine many things: relations of people and the space, internal challenge and search for new forms, open communication and creative experiments. The benefits of working in the Institute’s team are openness and horizontality of discussion starting from project ideas and up to the technical details of realization, fraternity and sencere love of the work, enthusiasm for it.”




                      Anna Nistratova

                      Researcher, curator

                      Life school

                      — “I like this field and all the people in it. The Institute is unique, though not completely structured. It is very good that there is such an instrument which gives the possibility to realize different things. And I like my splinter position but at the same time it is hard without constant communication. I hope we will be able to do something in Nijniy Novgorod and generally outside of St.Petersburg and Moscow.”


                        Curator of the educational and tour program of “Tales of Golden Apples” public art programme in Almetyevsk, SMM-expert, PR


                        Ekaterina Udalova

                        Curator, art manager, coordinator, producer

                        Music, theatre and choreography

                        — “The pecularity of the Institute are multitask and unique projects. This inspires and drives personal and professional growth.”




                          Anastasia Pronina

                          Art expert, curator of cultural and educational projects

                          History, art history

                          — “The Institute is not only research platform, but also the community of non-indifferent people”


                            Mediators of street art walks


                            Polina Shtanko

                            Analyst in the field of landed estate, street art researcher

                            International tourism, experience economy

                            — “The Street Art Research Institute (SARI) is a multipurpose platform which engages not only in the study and development of the street art, but also in the development of urban environment at large. Popularizing activity, multidisciplinary approach, professionalism, and openness of the SARI workers attracts right away attention and draw in very interesting and cool people. And this is one of the important pecularities of the SARI. The main thing is that all the people here are one living organism. And it is unbelievable happiness to be a part of this team. The heart of the Institute is its co-founder Albina Motor. Thanks to her, this organism is alive. For me it is a big pleasure to be in the circle of like-minded persons, where nobody limits you in your aspirations and, on the contrary, gives you drive and inspiration to go forward. Thanks to the SARI, I have found the possibility to prove in practice that the graffiti/street art tourism can really exist. We have launched the Urban Walks Street Art project which received favourable reports by the city residents. Now it is a part of internal culture and actively develops. On the base of the Institute I can also engage in research activity: to study urban environment on the macrolevel, write articles, get new knowledge and share my own experience.It is worth saying that my half-year work in the Institute has not only tested my knowledge and skills, but also has given me strength and assurance of moving in the right direction. The Institute’s team charges me with their inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm. Everybody inspires me and I really get high working here!”